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Friday, June 11, 2004 - Boonville, Missouri

On the way from St. Charles to Boonville, we stopped at Rocheport where we went on a short bike ride on the Katy Trail. The Missouri River was on one side and high stone cliffs on the other side. Trumpet creeper and prairie rose climbed them. Spiderwort and butterflyweed also were growing along the trail. Vultures soared overhead. It was a beautiful trail and it would have been nice to ride farther on it.

Katy Trail, Rocheport Limestone Cliffs near Rocheport

It was wonderful after riding in ninety plus degrees to get to our motel and shower and have a martini. We drove into downtown Boonville for dinner at the Palace Restaurant. On the way we passed the traveling Corp of Discovery II semi trailer exhibit we had seen in Pittsburgh last August.

Tomorrow we will overtake the expedition's relative position on the river 200 years ago.

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