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Sunday, June 13 - Sioux City, Iowa

Sgt. Floyd Monument

We spent last night in Sioux City, Iowa and dined at the Outback Steakhouse on Outback-Seasoned prime rib with left-overs for the next days lunch.

Before leaving Sioux City we went to the Sergeant Floyd monument. Sgt. Floyd fell ill and died near Sioux City on August 20, 1804, and was buried atop a high bluff above the river. He was the only member of the Corp of Discovery to die and modern historians are sure it was appendicitis that killed him - for which there was no cure then. It is a 100' high stone obelisk overlooking the river near where he was buried. The river has changed course and his burial place had disappeared but they have moved his body to the monument.

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Sergeant Floyd Monument