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Thursday, June 10 - Saint Louis, Missouri

Gateway Arch

We went up in the Gateway Arch Thursday morning. We had a reservation for the 10:30 north tram, but there were no lines, so we went up an hour early. It was a beautiful clear day for it too. You get into a little car that holds five people. It's cleverly designed because as it follows the curve of the arch it stays level so there is a bit of a rocking motion like a Ferris Wheel. The south and north trams balance each other, much like the Mt. Washington inclines in Pittsburgh. When you get to the top there are narrow windows on both sides.Arch Windows The windows have to be narrow because the arch is narrow and, besides, large windows would detract from Eero Saarinen's design. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and a fitting gateway to the west.

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Museum is off the lobby of the Gateway Arch and we toured that after returning to ground level.

We had lunch at the St. Louis Fish Market in a Riverfront area called Laclede's Landing. Pierre Laclede was one of the founders of St. Louis.

In the afternoon we had tickets for The National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibition at the Missouri History Museum. This was a well designed self-guided exhibition with an audio headset that explained in detail what you were seeing. This was one of the most extensive of the many Lewis and Clark exhibits we have seen. After its initial presentation in St. Louis, the exhibition will tour the United States from coast to coast.

We also drove through Forest Park where the museum is and then through Washington University. Cindy and Ken were excellent tour guides and chauffeurs.

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