Our guide today is Karl Heinz Pfaff who lives near here.

History of the town (From tourist brochure **)

970 Construction of the first castle.

1142 Imperial castle erected by King Conrad III.

1144 The name "Rodenburch" is mentioned for the first time in the chronicles.

1152 Death of King Conrad III.

His nephew, Friedrich I. Barbarossa becomes King instead of 8-years-old Friedrich of Rothenburg.

1167 Friedrich of Rothenburg dies during a campaign.

1274 Rothenburg becomes a "Free Imperial City" under King Rudolf of Habsburg.

1356 An earthquake destroys the imperial castle.

1400 Period of glory under Lord Mayor Toppler. The city rules a territory of more than 250 square miles.

1408 Lord Mayor Toppler dies in the prison of the town hall.

1525 During the Peasants War, Rothenburg is allied with Florian Geyer, leader of the peasants.

1544 Rothenburg becomes protestant.

1618-1648 During the Thirty Years War the town is occupied several times. Due to the legend, Lord Mayor Nusch saves the town by drinking more than 3 litres of wine in a single gulp, the so-called "masterdraught".

1802 Rothenburg looses its independence and becomes part of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

1945 A bombardment destroys 40% of the old town. (An american general preserved the town from complete destruction.)

1945-1970       After the war, the destroyed parts are restored with the support of friends from all over the world.

** Rothenburg ob der Tauber Worth Seeing and Knowing


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