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Daily Itinerary

The Willamette and the Lower Columbia

Eastern Washington's Wine Country

Clarkston and Hells Canyon

Palouse River

Columbia River Gorge


Back to Portland

This is our fourth trip with Lindblad Expeditions. Previous travels were on the Danube and Main Rivers in Europe on the MS Amadeus II, Montana by Private Rail (and bus), and Alaska on the M/V Sea Bird. This fourth trip would take us on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, with side trips into Hells Canyon and the Palouse River, again on the Sea Bird.

The historical emphasis is on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which covered much of this territory almost 200 years ago. Travelling with us are Lindblad Staff Historian and botanist, Jerry Igo, and Naturalist David Stephens, who is also an expert on Native American art. They, along with Expedition Leader, Neil Folsom, are continuous sources of knowledge. As with previous Sea Bird trips, there were opportunities for hiking and kayaking along the way.

The links on the left are to pages describing each day's journey, from our perspective. Those on the right are to pages related to this trip, including driving down from Seattle and touring Portland.

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