Arrival in Kalispell

Whitefish, West Glacier

Glacier National Park

Bigfork, Flathead Valley

To Missoula on the Northern Parks Ltd.


Yellowstone National Park

Pompey's Pillar, Little Big Horn

Billings, End of Trip

Monday May 22, 2000 - Arrival in Kalispell

We got up at 4:30 AM (2:30 AM Mountain Time) to catch a 6:30 AM Delta flight From Pittsburgh to Cincinnati. There we transferred to a flight to Salt Lake City where we then got on a flight to Kalispell. On Wednesday, we will join a Lindblad Special Expeditions trip across Montana by bus and rail. The trip starts in Kalispell and ends in Billings, and includes three days aboard the Northern Parks Limited, a refurbished private train. We had arrived a couple of days before the Linblad tour began, so we will have a chance to tour the area by rental car.

On the flight to Salt Lake City, there was a nice retired fellow across the aisle from Dick who noticed our itinerary on our computer and said he was from Montana and had grown up in the Kalispell area, but now lives in Jackson Hole. He gave us lots of sightseeing advice. And then on the flight to Kalispell we sat next to a man who lives near Kalispell – he retired from Texas and wanted to live in the West and thought this was the most beautiful area. He has 160 acres 18 miles north of Whitefish. He recommended a drive along the North Fork of the Flathead River from Columbia Falls to Polebridge, which he said has abundant wildlife. He said we would likely find large elk herds along this road.

We arrived in Kalispell in mid-afternoon and ate lunch at the Knead Café (it's also a bakery where they knead) and had buffalo burgers on rosemary buns. Then we checked into our hotel (the Best Western Outlaw) and found that the room had an Internet connection - one last chance to check e-mail or to upload pictures. Not too surprisingly, it didn't work. After twenty minutes on the phone with Tech Support, Margaret noticed that the cable from the DSL modem was not plugged into the wall. A previous occupant apparently had disconnected the DSL modem from the wall jack and connected a telephone to it. Once we plugged it in, it worked fine.

After resting a bit we went for a short ride - picked up some snacks and now are showered and relaxing. We're too tired and not hungry - very late lunch so decided against dinner - early to bed tonight. Tomorrow we plan to look around the page

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